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Our staff has combined experience treating substance abuse disorders through proven addiction counseling and behavioral health therapies.

The transition from inpatient treatment to independent living is the critical stage for a new resident at Step by Step. The Step by Step team is dedicated to providing support from the referral through ongoing recovery!  We know that our treatment professional partners are very busy and it is our goal to better support you in helping your clients achieve early recovery success while accommodating your limited time.

Step by Step Recovery House residents are encouraged to participate in, PHP, IOP and GOP.  New residents are provided access to a certified recovery specialist for a recovery assessment meeting and recovery plan follow-up meeting. House meetings are held regularly and our leadership team is available to residents at all times. Residents support each other in recovery from addiction while living in a safe, clean and sober environment.

Two hours of individual recovery planning with a certified recovery specialist. These communities allow residents to share similar professional and personal challenges while transitioning back to work, family and community in early recovery. 


Addressing Your

Unique Concerns


Founded by William Steiner.

StepbyStep is staffed by people active in 12 Step programs. SBS is dedicated to providing housing services to chemically dependent men and women during the early stages of recovery and in their gradual re-entry into the community. Assist our residents in their gradual re-entry into the community by offering progressive levels of housing and recovery support. We embrace a recovery-oriented system of care philosophy and believe that there are multiple paths to recovery. StepbyStep works closely with treatment centers to provide residents enrolled in aftercare programs with daily support to better ensure successful completion.

All House Amenities


Step by Step Houses provide free laundry facilities at all houses in addition to cable tv, internet and wi-fi services. All rooms have air conditioning. Kitchens at Step by Step recovery houses are fully stocked regularly with food and residents prepare dinners Monday through Thursday.


Admission Criteria

At Step by Step, we will admit any chemically dependent male or female in early stages of recovery regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs, who meet the following admission criteria;

Age 18 and over motivation; minimum of four 12 Step meetings per week; willingness to follow all house rules; willing to secure employment; Must be physically and mentally able to participate in house chores and activities; willing to sign an agreement to pay specified housing fees including intake fee for Recovery houses.